3, 5-DihydroxybenzoicAcid
Synonyms: 3,5-dihydroxy-benzoicaci; A-resorcylic acid, Alpha-resercylic acid
CAS NO.: 99-10-5
Molecular Structure:
MF: C7H6O4
MW: 154.12
EINECS: 202-730-7
Chemical Properties: Melting Point: 236-238℃
Boiling Point: 411.5℃
Flash point: 200℃
Solubility: 84g/L(20 ºC)
Appearance: White Crystal Powder
Application: Used as organic synthesis intermediates, medicine and synthesis resin.
Packing: Packed in cardboard drum lined with plastic film, Net weight: 25kg/drum. 32drums/pallet